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Shipping to Europe


Hi stranger!

Do you want to buy our wines, but you live abroad? Are two ways to do this:


 A) Use it yourself! (we recommend turn on the translator in Google Chrome or use Google Translate)


-add wines to cart ("Do košíku")

  1. "Shopping Cart"  (Nákupní košík)
  • in the main selection in the shopping cart with order control
  • click on "continue" (pokračovat)
  1. "Transport and payment"  (Doprava a platba)
  • in the second place of the shopping cart, enter your country in the shopping cart in the "Country of origin" (Země doručení)
  • click on "continue" (pokračovat)
  1. "Information about you" (Informace o vás)
  • in the third place of the shopping cart fills in your personal data for the purposes
  • click on "Send order" (odeslat objednávku)
  • you will be redirected to an online secure payment gateway
  • pay through online payment gateways
  1. "Order confirmation" (Informace o objednávce)
  • the fourth step of the shopping cart as confirm booking orders and payments
  • the next day after crediting the payments, we send the order


 B) Write us an e-mail at info@hokuspokus.cz

Write us an e-mail in the service you will tell us:

  • what wine and how many pieces
  • address where you want to send the wine
  • billing information 

  • we secured orders and back to the e-mail we will send the details of the online payment via an online secured payment card.
  • the next day after crediting the payments, we send the order


Shipping cost:
(1-99 bottles)

Slovensko (Slovakia) - 249 CZK (PPL export)
Německo (Germany) - 249 CZK (PPL export)
Polsko (Poland) - 249 CZK (PPL export)
Rakousko (Austria) - 349 CZK (DPD Classic)
Maďarsko (Hungary) - 349 CZK (DPD Classic)
Francie (France) - 499 CZK (DPD Classic)
Dánsko (Denmark) - 499 CZK (DPD Classic)
Slovinsko (Slovenia) - 499 CZK (DPD Classic)
Švýcarsko (Switzerland) - 499 CZK (DPD Classic)
Velká Británie (Great Britain) - 499 CZK (DPD Classic)


Isn‘t your country on the list? Do not worry! Write to us at info@hokuspokus.cz and we will come up with some idea!